Fall Equinox Event – Thursday, Sept 22

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Fall Equinox Event – Thursday, Sept 22


MUSCODA…..Frank’s Hill, an effigy mound site in southern Richland County, will be open to the public on Thursday, September 22nd, for observance of the autumnal equinox. Equinox means “equal day and night” and on September 22nd will mark the end of summer and beginning of fall.  Everyone is invited to gather at Frank’s Hill near Muscoda to view the sunrise or sunset or to visit the site during the day to see the mounds and the grand vista. A campfire and sharing of stories will occur following the sunset. The event is subject to suitable weather conditions. A short hike will be required to the top of the hill that offers a stunning view of the lower Wisconsin River valley. Participants should arrive by 6:30 p.m. to view the sunset. Frank’s Hill is located 2 miles west of Muscoda near the intersection of Hwy. 60 and Hwy. 193.

David Martin, President of the Three Eagles Foundation, said, “Our departed friend, Frank Shadewald, thoroughly enjoyed sharing the hill and the mounds with others and used the equinox and solstice events as reasons to invite the public to the site. He would have wanted these observances to continue so, to honor Frank’s memory, we will hold a fall equinox event again this year. Whether you are interested in the stunning colors of the sunset, the spectacular view, the intriguing archeology or the serenity of the site, all are welcome to attend.”

Frank’s Hill is on the National Register of Historic Places. A group of unique effigy mounds is situated on the east ridge where the event will occur. Across Hwy. 193 lies the west ridge where a line of small conical mounds, thought to be calendar mounds, is situated. The site offers a panoramic vista of the area which once contained the highest concentration of bird effigy mounds found anywhere in the world. The mounds are thought to have been built during the Late Woodland period dating back to one thousand or more years ago.

To learn more about the equinox event or for directions, contact Dave Martin at (608) 739-4198 or visit the Three Eagles Foundation website or Facebook page.

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