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The public is invited to Frank’s Hill in southern Richland County Father’s Day weekend to observe the setting sun on the longest of day of the year. The summer solstice will occur on Monday, June 20th, but the public is welcome to visit the hill on Saturday, June 18th, or Sunday, June 19th to view the sunrise or sunset. Frank’s Hill is a small knoll peppered with effigy mounds that offers a commanding view of the lower Wisconsin River valley. The neighboring ridge to the west contains a group of small conical mounds thought to be calendar mounds that track the setting sun from May 1st to the summer solstice and back. In addition, a full moon will be visible on June 20th. The property, formerly owned by Frank Shadewald, is located on STH 193 just off STH 60, a few miles west of Muscoda. Participants should arrive at 8:00 pm to have time to walk around the mounds and should be there no later than 8:30 pm to view the sunset.

Participants should bring chairs, blankets and insect repellant. Also, feel free to bring a telescope or good set of binoculars and a camera. Directions to Frank’s Hill are as follows; from the north end of the Muscoda bridge at the intersection of STH 80 & 60, drive west on Hwy. 60 for two miles and turn north on STH 193. Park by the first gate on the east side of the road, a short distance from Hwy. 60, and walk to the top of the hill. For questions regarding the event, contact Dave Martin at (608) 739-4198 or Mark Cupp at 739-3188. More information on Frank’s Hill may be found at the Three Eagles Foundation website at or by visiting the Foundation’s Facebook page.

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